Strategic Case Analysis. Regardless of the size of your case, we first review key pleadings and pertinent exhibits to identify from a juror's perspective the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, the law, and case theories. Based on this analysis, we can develop a jury research project specific to the needs of your case which will test the case theories, witnesses, and evidence. Alternatively, if the case does not warrant original research, we use the analysis to develop voir dire questions and jury profiles.

Substantive Research Projects. Focus groups, mock trials, and community surveys, provide insights into likely juror reaction to case theories, demonstrative evidence, and witnesses. Our analysis of the research finding supplies trial attorneys with more information relevant to case strategy, pre-trial motions, voir dire and jury selection.

Research projects can include the following:

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Media Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Mock Trials
  • Community Surveys
  • Social Media Research

Pre-trial Voir Dire & Jury Motions. Based upon our analysis of your case, and existing original research, we develop affidavits and other supporting materials for your challenges to the jury pool's composition, for a change of venue, or for improved voir dire conditions. Voir dire conditions improve with sequestered voir dire, attorney-conducted voir dire, and use of supplemental juror questionnaires.

Witness Preparation. Whether the witness is a layperson or technical expert, we can assist counsel to prepare him or her for testimony through mock direct and cross examination exercises designed to ease witness anxiety, correct delivery problems, and improve juror comprehension of the testimony. 

Voir Dire & Jury Selection. We use materials developed through the case analysis and substantive research projects to prepare voir dire questions, and pre-trial juror questionnaires. We also work with you during the actual jury selection process to advise on the exercise of cause and peremptory challenges.

Social Media Analysis. We use social media research to complement traditional research methodologies for both jury selection and refinement of trial strategies.

Trial Observation. After jury selection, we are available to participate in the courtroom as trained observers during the entire trial, or for key parts of the trial. We provide immediate and continuous feedback and analysis of how the jury is responding to the case.

Post-trial Interviews. We conduct post-trial interviews that may furnish you with information for developing strategies for retrying a particular case or for conducting other trials in which the same witnesses or types of evidence may be presented, where permitted by local rules.

Demonstrative Evidence. Powerful visuals like exhibits, charts, models, animations and oher electronic presentations are often more persuasive than the best witness. We work with you and a team of experts to design graphics and other courtroom exhibits that will clearly communicate your message and case theme to the jury.


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